About Us

"Bitcoins for your Gold, from anywhere!"

Remember that old watch, bracelet necklace that you wore as a teenager but that no longer goes with anything in your wardrobe? Yet, it is still taking up valuable space in your drawer! 

Then you think about that new cell phone you really need to upgrade to, that next-gen video game console you'd love to have or that great couch that would do so much better in your living room than in that warehouse...Perhaps all the gold you're not wearing anymore would help get those big ticket items in your hand faster?

There was a time when trading your gold would mean going from a pawn shop to the next and getting very little money for our valuable gold. Then, if you'd want to get Bitcoins, you'd once again pay for exchange fees to trade the money into Bitcoins. What a waste of time and money!

We've traded Bitcoins ever since the only way to do it was to meet other traders in a shady parking lot. Our money transfer services office that has been in in business for over 15 years now, always at the same location. We first made it easier for trading Bitcoin in person at a safe location and now our goal to help people trade their gold directly into cryptocurrency while reducing the costs of going through multiple middlemen.

Now, just a quick trip to your nearest post office and you can get Bitcoins for your spare Gold!

We're located in the beautiful city of Montreal, where French Fries are served with cheese curds and gravy. Come see us if you're in town!
437 St-Zotique E.
Montreal, QC H3N1Y8

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